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NanoGraf Names New Leaders to Support Continued Growth

CHICAGO, IL (May 21, 2019) – NanoGraf Corporation, a Chicago-based developer of advanced materials, announced today the appointment of Samir Mayekar as Chairman, Dr. Francis Wang as CEO, Steve Markscheid as President, and Gretchen Cannon as CFO.

“As we enter a new phase of growth, we are excited to bring in experienced leaders to support our global operations,” said NanoGrafCo-Founder Samir Mayekar. “With the addition of Gretchen and Steve to the management team as well as the appointment of Francis as CEO, the company is well positioned to capture the tremendous growth underway in the battery industry as more applications demand improved battery technology,” said Mayekar, who was recently appointed Deputy Mayor for Economic and Neighborhood Development by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Dr. Francis Wang brings over 25 years of commercialization experience from the battery industry, including positions at Duracell, Procter & Gamble, Boston Scientific, and the China National Renewable Energy Center. Steve Markscheid is a senior executive with decades of experience in China.  During his time with GE Capital, Steve led business development activity in Asia Pacific. Prior to GE, Steve worked with the Boston Consulting Group throughout Asia.  Finally, Gretchen Cannon brings over 15 years’ experience as a Chief Financial Officer with experience in government contracting and compliance.

About NanoGraf Corporation

Founded in 2012, NanoGraf Corporation (formerly SiNode Systems) is an advanced materials company developing silicon-graphene materials for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. NanoGrafmaterials enabled increased battery energy and power density, all while being produced via a low-cost, solution-chemistry-based manufacturing process.NanoGrafseeks to change the landscape for lithium-ion batteries so they can meet the demands of a wide range of industries, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. For more information, visit www.nanograf.com

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